Social innovation: beyond welfare capitalism?
0 commenti 26 Febbraio 2016

Si terrà dal 5 al 7 settembre 2016 a Glasgow l’ottava edizione della International Social Innovation Research Conference, dal titolo “Social innovation in the 21st century: beyond welfare capitalism?“.

La conferenza riunisce ricercatori e studiosi da tutto il mondo per discutere sui temi dell’innovazione sociale da molteplici prospettive. #ISIRC2016 sarà ospitata presso Yunus Centre for Social Business and Health at Glasgow Caledonian University.

La call for paper sarà aperta fino al 1 aprile 2016, sui seguenti temi:

  • Social investment:co-production and co-creation: stream chairs: TACO BRANDSEN
  • Expanding the frontiers of social innovation theory: heterodox theories, non-positivist paradigms and embedded qualitative methodologies: stream chairs: PASCAL DEY
  • Economic underpinnings of social innovation: stream chairs: JUDITH TERSTRIEP & RAFAEL ZIEGLER
  • Growing and scaling social impact: stream chairs: FERGUS LYON
  • Hybridity and conflicting logics: stream chairs: BOB DOHERTY
  • Learning and teaching: stream chairs: TIM CURTIS
  • Public policy & social innovation: comparative evidence, critical assessments: stream chairs: CHRIS MASON
  • Social exclusion and employability: stream chairs: SIMONE BAGLIONI
  • Social innovation and the environment: stream chairs: BEN HUYBRECHTS
  • Social marketplaces: linking markets and consumers: stream chairs: MORVEN MCEACHERN?
  • Ethics, power relations and corruption: stream chairs: LYNNE BAXTER?
  • Governance and stakeholder relations: stream chairs: ROGER SPEAR?
  • Health and well-being: stream chairs: MICHAEL ROY?
  • Latin American social enterprise: stream chairs: RICHARD HULL
  • Open stream: stream chairs: MICAELA MAZZEI
  • Regional and geographical aspects of social innovation: stream chairs: GEOFF WHITTAM ?
  • Social innovation and food insecurity: stream chairs: ALEX MURDOCK
  • Social investment: stream chairs: ALEX NICHOLLS
  • Social co-operatives and the solidarity economy RORY RIDLEY-DUFF